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Welcome to the FINEX Group.  We are considered one of the industry's leading experts.  We have over 30 years experience in the industry practicing the highest levels of compliance and delivering the highest returns to our clients, while offering flexible contingency rates - If there is no collection, there is no fee.  Your complete satisfaction, risk-free, with no set up or minimum fees.  Our dedicated staff of agents and management are capable of collecting your delinquent accounts nationwide.


We can achieve results faster and more reliably for your business because we have thorough knowledge of the industries we service.  Our thorough knowledge and handling of the documents involved, our highly trained team of agents and management, help you save valuable time and recover revenue.  No more moving from agency to agency.


Our commitment to compliance and professional service is our priority.  If there is ever an account issue you can contact us easily to resolve it including adjustments and closures.  And with our account auditing process, we minimize possible legal claims - saving our Clients thousands of dollars and unnecessary legal exposure.  Our personal interaction with you improves your results.  As our Client you have a private, 24-hour secure, online reporting site to keep you informed and up to date.

Collection Specialists


Putting People and Customer Service First

Risk-Free Contingency Collections

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