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  • Full Service Agency

  • 30+ Years Experience

  • Thorough Knowledge of All Towing Documents & Procedures

  • New Account Collections

  • Old Account Processing and Collection

  • Claims Protection (using our advanced lien audit process)

  • Immediate Account Processing

  • OPG Special Account Management 

  • Same Day Account Changes and Adjustments

  • Member of CTTA, ACA, CAC*

  • Live & Same Day Collection Payment Processing

  • Online Secure Client Account Acknowlegements & Reporting

  • Customize Client Campaigns

  • Latest Tools and Technology and Infrastructure Investment

  • Custom Trained Staff - with ongoing specialized training

  • Electronic Document Management System

  • Commercial Skip Tracing, Account Monitoring and Research

  • Full Compliance with FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA, 

  • References

  • *California Tow Truck Association, Association of Credit and Collection Professionals, California Association of Collectors

Collection Specialists


Putting People and Customer Service First

Risk-Free Contingency Collections

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